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HP Officejet Printer Setup and Installation for a Wired Network on Windows PC

You can without much of a stretch install the most recent HP Officejet driver software for your Windows PC to work with a wired system association (Ethernet). During the establishment procedure, if the software prompts you to choose a kind of association, pick the Wired Network or Ethernet association as the default arranges connection.


The HP officejet printer driver gets downloaded on your Mac PC, on the off chance that you pick full-highlighted driver as said in the above step or else HP Easy Start software gets downloaded, on the off chance that you pick HP Easy Start.


Step by step instructions to make a copy?

  • Plpro the original document print side up on to the archive feeder.
  • Also, load the report print side down on the scanner glass.
  • Enter the quantity of copies and different settings in the printer’s control panel.
  • Select Copy from the home screen and select the quantity of copies to be made.
  • Select the Settings symbol to determine the paper type, quality, paper measure and other settings.
  • Incase, the 2-Sided alternative is chosen; touch it and switch it off.
  • Select the Back symbol to come back to the past Menu.
  • Now, select Start Black/Start Color to complete the process.
  • Click here 123.hp.com/oj6700, for complete information

How to empower the Scan to a PC feature?

  • For Windows:
  • Normally, the scan to PC highlight is as a matter of course empowered. In the event that the alternative is incapacitated, then take after the means to empower it.
  • Windows 8.1 : On the lower left corner of the Start screen, tap the down arrow,
  • Select the printer’s name and after that tap on Utilities.
  • Windows 8 : Right tap on a vacant territory on the Start taskbar and click All Apps on the application bar.
  • Now, select the printer’s name and tap on Utilities.
  • Windows XP,Windows Vista and Windows 7 : Click on Start from the desktop and tap on the following.
  • All Programs –> HP –>Folder of your printer.
  • After playing out any of the previously mentioned steps, select Manage Scan to Computer in the Scan section. Click here 123.hp.com/oj6700, for complete information

How to empower a wireless connection in your printer?

  • Get prepared to setup remote association in your printer,
  • Make note of your remote system name and your security password.
  • Select the Wireless symbol or Network from the printer’s control panel.
  • From the available alternatives, tap on the name of the remote system association with which you need to connect.
  • When provoked, enter the secret word and afterward tap on Connect.
  • Click here 123.hp.com/oj6700, for complete information

How to setup remote system association with Windows?

  • While get ready for establishment, ensure you assemble the Network name, security secret key (WER key or WPA),
  • The PC that is connected with the remote network.
  • The PC ought to have a working web connection (ideally broadband)
  • USB cable.
  • Make beyond any doubt there is no USB link connected amid the establishment process.
  • Your printer, switch and your PC must be dialogued on and must be connected with the same wireless network that you need to interfpro the printer to.
  • In case you have as of now installed the software for a USB association and need to change to a wireless network association, then take after the means below.
  • Search or open the HP organizer in the software programs that are installed. Presently, tap the envelope bearing your PC’s name and tap on the name of your printer. The HP Printer Assistant software opens up.
  • Click on Utilities and after that snap Printer Setup & Software Selection.
  • From the choices displayed, click Convert a USB connected printer to wireless or Connect another printer.
  • Follow the guidelines that are display on the screen to complete the establishment process.
  • Step by step instructions to associate with the wireless network?
  • Click here 123.hp.com/oj6700, for complete information


To change scanner settings:

Find the name of your printer and open the HP software

Choose the alternative Scan a Document or Photo.

Select the easy route for scanning on the left of your scan dialogue box

Select the inclinations of your output from this dialogue box. A few cases of inclinations are recorded below:

  1. Select Required Page Size: Letter, lawful, 10*15 cm (4*6 inch) or custom
  2. Choose the Color Mode: Color, high contrast or grayscale
  3. Select the goal for your record: Local or email
  4. Determination: 200 dpi, 300 dpi or 1200 dpi.
  5. OCR Language
  6. Goal: you could pick a particular default filter destination

Choose the Save Settings symbol to spare your settings

Click here 123.hp.com/oj6700, for complete information.

123.hp.com/oj6700. WEB SERVICES

  • Web Services must be changed on to use the output to email highlight, empower programmed firmware redesigns, and utilize other HP cloud printing services.
  • On the printer control board, select the Web Services icon
  • Select Yes to acknowledge the terms of utilization and to empower Web Services.



‘Finish Setup Online’ ,’Online Setup Progress’ Error Message and its Solution:

Step 1: Download and run the HP software:

  • Open your Web program and type 123.hp.com/setup.
  • The HP setup site will open, in that snap Download.
  • Clicking on the Download button will complete the establishment process.
  • Follow the on-screen guidelines to complete the setup procedure and the HP Instant Ink enrollment.
  • During the procedure of establishment, you can either pick in or out of HP Instant Ink.
  • HP Instant Ink will give ink cartridges in view of the ink levels on your HP printer. This is to guarantee that you never come up short on ink. It is chargeable service given by the producer HP itself.
  • If the above procedure doesn’t resolve the issue, then proceed to the following step. Click here 123.hp.com/oj6700, for complete information


Step 2: Complete the printer setup

1.‘Finish Setup Online:123.hp.com/setup’Error Message:

  • If the printer displays the Complete Setup Online: 123.hp.com/setup message then, utilize your printer’s control board to physically associate it to your system and complete the establishment process.
  • On the printer’s control board, tap on the alternative More as appeared in the picture given below.
  • The Manual Setup screen displays, in that tap on Network.
  • Now, take after the on-screen directions to complete the establishment process.


2.Online Setup Progress: The Device is designing this printer; error message:

  • On your HP printer’s control board tap on the Help
  • After touching the Help symbol, the Web Services Help screen opens up.
  • In that, select No Web Services, and afterward tap OK.

Online Setup Progress: You have chosen in HP Instant Ink message

On your HP printer’s control board tap on the Help

After touching it, the Enrollment Help screen opens up.

In that enlistment page, tap OK.

After that, tap on the Home icon.

If you wish to select in HP Instant Ink then, proceed to the following step. Click here 123.hp.com/oj6700, for finish information


123 HP OfficeJet 6700 Software/HP OfficeJet 6700 Driver

  • HP OfficeJet 6700 software download can be gotten to from authority webpage of HP.
  • After you have downloaded the driver, Click on Open/Run/Save from the dialogue box.
  • Follow the on screen directions to finish the process.
  • In certain printers, you can just empower remote (Wi-Fi) connectivity.
  • Generally, alongside the printer, a software CD will be given through.
  • Users can install the HP software driver and extra software.
  • In case, on the off chance that you need most recent upgrades, then it is fitting to download the software from the website.
  • Click here 123.hp.com/oj6700, for finish information.


Step 3: Enroll in HP Instant Ink

For enlistment of HP Instant Ink, go to HP Instant Ink site and agree to another HP Instant Ink account.

Special Ink offers that come packaged with your printer can be profited for one week after the printer setup.

  • Switch ON your printer and associate it to your PC and to the Internet.
  • Go to HP Instant Ink site, and after that snap Sign Up.
  • In the Sign Up page, make another HP Connected record with your own username and password.
  • If you as of now have a record, then utilize sign in choice to signing into your current account.
  • After making a record sign in and enter the enlistment code or select your HP Instant Ink plan of your choice.
  • After selecting HP Instant Ink plan of your decision, click Next.
  • Go to printer’s control board and Turn on Web Services to get the printer assert code.
  • Type the printer assert code on the claim code content field.
  • The assert code is case delicate; subsequently ensure you write the capitalized (capital) and lowercase (little) letters properly. The printer guarantee code is substantial for 24 hours.
  • If the printer guarantee code terminates then, turn OFF the Web Services, and afterward turn ON the Web Services, to get another printer assert code.
  • Follow the on-screen directions to finish the enlistment procedure of HP Instant Ink.
  • Click here 123.hp.com/oj6700, for finish information


  1. Apple’s AirPrint is upheld in form iOS 4.2 and Max OS X 10.7 and in those renditions that came after.
  2. With AirPrint include, clients can print reports and photographs remotely from an iPad, iPhone (3GS or later) and iPod touch.

The records in the accompanying applications can be printed utilizing AirPrint option.

  • Mail
  • Safari
  • Photos

Third party applications (Eg : Evernote)


Pre-requirements to use AirPrint:

  • The Apple device you are utilizing and your printer ought to be connected with a similar remote network.
  • Load adequate number of papers that matches the settings of the printer.


How to print with Airprint?

  • Select Print choice from your software and pick the name of your printer.
  • Click open Properties discourse box.
  • Depending on the software application that you install, Properties can be called as Options, Preferences, Printer Setup, Printer Properties or Printer.
  • Select the Paper/Quality tab. In the Media drop-down list.
  • Choose the kind of paper and print quality.
  • Now, tap on the Advanced tab. In the Print Features area.
  • Click on Yes from the Print in Max DPI drop-down list.
  • From the alternatives available in the Paper Size, select the size as needs be. Click OK.
  • Select the Orientation (Landscape or Portrait) from the format tab and after that snap OK.
  • Click here 123.hp.com/oj6700, for finish information


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